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Here's some crutial utilities / programs for the making and maintaining of your website.
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Shockmachine by Shock-wave !

Shockmachine is a great way to enhance your web entertainment experience.
It lets you take your favorite flash and shockwave games, shows, cartoons, puzzles, greeting cards and more from your fave "shock" sites... TO GO.   With shockmachine you can play them anytime you want - full screen !

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.Gif and .Jpg crunchers !
.Gif and .Jpg Cruncher !

Optimize your .gif or .jpg images on your website by up to 80% without losing quality.   Smaller file sizes = quicker page loading which = more viewers and traffic to your site !   All images on this site were optimized with this killer utility !       Click button to try it out Free !

Adobe PhotoShop !
Adobe PhotoShop !

The world-standard image-editing solution for print and the Web.     Photoshop is the first integrated toolset for taking your images from concept to completion in print and on the Web, maximizing your efficiency while helping you achieve the finest-quality output in both media.
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Commision Junction !

Commission Junction has some of the best merchants on the internet ready to sponsor your website.   You have complete control over which sponsors ads you'd like to use.   When you sign someone up into "CJ" you will make a healthy commission plus commissions on all sales you make and commissions on the people you sign up make.
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eAds !

eAds is another highly recommended legit paying sponsor.   eAds pays 10 cents a click-through on all banners placed on your website.   Just the same as Commission Junction, eAds pays once every month.   Signing up is Free and quick, takes less then 5 minutes to get enrolled !
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